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Vito Bonafacci


Vito Bonafacci is the maiden venture of Anthony Stella Productions, and it portrays Catholicism in a unique and interesting light. It is the story of a man who is caught up in the limelight and riches of the materialistic world. In essence though, it is the story of humanity. In a world where religion and God are seen as abstractions that are difficult to attain and comprehend, director John Martoccia explores these aspects in great depths. Man has become slave to materialism, pleasure, and instant gratification. He has strayed away from the true meaning of life, and it is easier for him to stay submerged in superficiality. In such a state, Vito Bonaffaci offers a refreshing insight to help humanity reconnect with its true purpose.

It is the story of a businessman who has accumulated the wealth of the world, and lives a luxurious life that is far removed from the simplicity of a religious life. However, one day he has a dream in which he is having a heart attack, and his mother rises from her grave and implores him to give up his life of material greed and asks him to return to the righteous path. Deeply moved by this dream, Vito dives into a soul searching journey where he discovers the true meaning of life via his interactions with family and friends. If you are looking for Catholic films to revive your faith in religion, or you need some inspiration to explore your faith, Vito Bonafacci is a must see.