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About Anthony stella productions

Anthony Stella Productions is the brainchild of John Martoccia. The name of this production company is taken from John’s parents Anthony and Stella Martoccia. As such, it’s his way of paying homage to his mother and father. Although, he tried to live a life that reflected simplicity, in his heart he knew that it was his calling to make films. His faith-based movies explore the deeper truths and underlying meanings of life.

The basic ideas and plots behind these Catholic movies come from his own personal experiences. However, these personal experiences have the ability to connect to larger audiences, because they are something that a lot of people go through. The message of these movies is to abandon seeking immediate sensual gratification that is only temporary, and to embark on the journey to search for a deeper purpose to life.

At John Martoccia’s Christian Production Company, every project is taken very seriously. A considerable amount of effort and time is spent on meticulously hand picking the cast.  Every little detail of these movies is carefully planned including music, cinematography, screenplay, and plot. Through his movies, John seeks to counter the mockery of traditional values and culture that is mainstream in the commercial films of today.

Being a devout practicing Catholic who attends daily Mass, regular confession and scripture reading, John Martoccia believes that his contribution to the faith that gave him so much is by making films that inspire other people to introspect into the meaning of life at a deeper level. According to many Catholic movie reviews, even though his movies will have a difficult time competing with mainstream films, they have definitely touched the souls of those that watch them.

Vito Bonafacci and Death of a Tree are the two movies that have been produced under this production banner, and audiences searching for Christian movies online should definitely check out these films and their spiritual messages.