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Anthony Stella Productions

Anthony Stella Productions is the brainchild of John Martoccia. The name of this production company is taken from John’s parents Anthony & Stella Martoccia. As such, it’s his way of paying homage to his mother & father. Although, he tried to live a life that reflected simplicity, in his heart he knew it was his callings to make films. His faith-based movies explore the deeper truths and underlying meanings of life.


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For most filmmakers, inspiration does not always come easily. But Utica resident John Martoccia says his unwavering faith in God has a way of creating new ideas for him.
— Utica Observer Dispatch
Were the Catholic Church to begin giving cinematic imprimaturs, few films would be better qualified to receive one than ‘Vito Bonafacci’, writer-director John Martoccia’s meditative-and theologically impeccable - exploration of Scripture-based doctrine and spirituality. ‘Vito Bonafacci’ will certainly reinforce faith in the devout and those with yearnings for the sacred... Religious educators will also welcome the movie as an apt and pleasant instrument in the catechetical instruction of teenagers or adults.
— Catholic News Service
In a world fixated on bombast, ‘Vito Bonafacci’ offers a quiet haven for meaningful meditation.
— The New York Times


About John Martoccia

Anthony stella founder & owner

Anthony Stella Productions is a catholic production company owned by John Martoccia, and it was established with the aim of making films that would provoke audiences to think about religion, spirituality, God, afterlife, and the true purpose of life.


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